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These terms are binding between the customer and Teambild's photographers. Anyone using the digital image archive accepts the Terms of Use by logging in with the username and password in the database at or by purchasing images via online shop on the site. Anyone acting on behalf of a company guarantees that it has the right to sign a contract for the company.

The terms and conditions apply to both individual pictures with publishing rights and / or subscription / agreement with download account.

1. The customer

These contract terms apply when the customer has access to pictures on The customer can access images by downloading them to their own computer. The customer can, if desired, receive delivery of pictures as requested upon order. For the use of the digital archive, the customer is assigned a username and password. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the username and password are not passed on to anyone else but the csutomer or otherwise abused. Usernames and passwords are issued only to the relevant person and company. The customer may be liable for damages if the assigned username and password is used by someone who is not authorized.

 2. Copyright

Teambilds photos and videos are protected by international copyright law. The copyright to the images and videos does not pass over to the customer, only a limited right of use is obtained unless otherwise agreed, in most cases the so-called publishing right, which means that the image may be published according to an agreed purpose.

3. Pictures for private use

The pictures are delivered after approved payment to the specified address. The images may NOT be reproduced, published or copied in any way without Teambild and the photographer's permission. The right to use the image is for private use only. Violation of this ALWAYS entails claims for damages

 4. Accounting of the use of images

The customer undertakes to provide the photographer or Teambild with a complete and accurate account of the context and how the images are used.

5. Rights and restrictions

The customer receives a non-transferable and non-exclusive single use right. The right must be exercised within one year of the download and delivery respectively. The images may not be transferred or rented, distributed or reproduced, unless otherwise expressly stated in the contracted use right. The customer is responsible to Teambild's photographers for the publication and use of the pictures in general. Teambild reserves the right to terminate the customer from continued access to the digital image archive and use of images in case of breaches of terms of use and agreements.

 6. Processing of images

Processing, manipulation or other modification of images - in addition to normal editing, which does not in any way change the contents of the image - or the use of an image or part of an image together with another image (assembly) and similar measures, must not be done without written permission from Teambild and its photographers. Responsibility for and any claims for damages arising from such unauthorized use of images rests entirely with the customer.

7. Publishing editorial website

If nothing else has been agreed, publishing rights in newspapers or magazines also give the customer the right to publish the image on the customer's website at no extra cost. However, this does not apply to the opposite situation, the right of publication only for website or other electronic publication must not be used in printed media.

 8. Byline

The name of the photographer should always be stated and the name of Teambild should be stated when publishing a picture. For omitted photographer name or incorrect byline, a fee is charged in accordance with the rules and copyright laws applicable in the image market

9. Storage

Images downloaded from the Teambild archive may be stored digitally but not for any other purpose or for longer than is necessary for the use agreed upon. When republishing an image, it must be downloaded again or ordered for a new delivery.

10. Payment terms

For invoice payment, payment are required within 10 days from the invoice date, invoicing is done by the current photographer and its company. Invoicing of downloaded images (if such a subscription is applicable) takes place once a month, on the 30th, at the earliest 21 days after downloading the image and is done by the respective photographer and its companies. For direct payment by card, we use Stripe's services for card payments.

11. Cookies

The site uses cookies, by using and logging in to the site it's assumed that you accept cookies.

12. Data storage

We only store customer data so that as a user, you can log in and buy pictures on We never pass on saved customer information to third parties. You can see what information we saved on your account information in your account on the page.